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NAMI Westchester operates a helpline (914-592-5458) to provide resource and support to families of adults and adolescents over 14 years of age with a mental health condition. For families of children under the age 18 years of age contact Family Ties at 914-995-4238 or visit their website at

We offer the NAMI Family to Family Education Program. This is a 12 week education program that helps families learn about mental health conditions, medication, how to deal with a crisis, communication, problem solving, self-care and recovery. To register for the calls please call the Program Director at 914-592-5458. For more information on this program go to

We offer several NAMI Support Groups. For information on NAMI Support Groups go to

For a list of NAMI Westchester support group please contact our offices at 914-592-5458.


If someone is in danger of harming themselves or others call: National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255

Crisis Text Line: free, confidential 24-hour service accessible via the number 741741 

Crisis Prevention and Response Team: is available to assist with someone who is experiencing, or is at risk of, a psychological crisis, and requires mental health intervention. Call 914-925-5959 or visit their website:


For information on mental health conditions:

For more information on medication:

For more information on treatments:

For health insurance information:

How to find a therapist:

How to find a psychiatrist:

For information on Social Security benefits:

For County information on programs, services and housing contact Westchester County Department of Community Mental Health at 914-995-5220 or visit their website

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