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Community Outreach

NAMI Westchester provides speakers to help educate the community on mental health and share personal experiences.

  • In Our Own Voice: IOOV  illustrates the realities of living with a mental illness. The audience gains a better understanding of what it is like to live  with mental illness and stay in recovery. Presentations are led by two trained      speakers living in recovery.
  • Ending the Silence: Ending the Silence is a school presentation   on the warning signs of mental illness and how to get help. There is a PowerPoint presentation led by a family member followed by a young adult living in recovery both sharing their personal experiences. This presentation is for middle and high students. There is an additional presentation for staff and parents available.
  • Bridges of Hope: Bridges of Hope is a faith-based presentation to help give a better understanding of those who live with a mental health condition and the impact on the family.

In addition we will work with colleges, schools, businesses and community organizations on providing presentations.

To schedule a presentation please call our offices at 914-592-5458 or email us at

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